Welcome to Aoyama Legal Office

Aoyama Legal Office has always been aiming to be a “familiar legal consultant” in the local community at Jiyugaoka, Tokyo since we started our business in 2010.
Not only to be an expert for legal systems and procedures, but also to be a presence where customers can trust and feel free to consult for various matters.

Overseas visitors normally would find “Japan a country extremely safe, clean, prompt, and people are hospitable and polite”.
On the other hand, Japanese language and culture are unique, and English is not understood everywhere, there are difficulties for foreigners to live in.
Sometimes we even feel Japan is not friendly enough and have barriers against foreigners.

Aoyama legal office will support not only legal systems and procedures, such as visa application (immigration and resident registration) but also your life in Japan.
Assist in finding housing, contract support, opening your bank account, company establishment, getting permission or submitting applications to start your business, etc.
Aoyama Legal Office offers a one-stop service from the customer’s perspective collaborating with experts such as tax accountant, judicial scrivener, and real estate specialists.

Please do not hesitate to contact us by e-mail or LINE (English and Japanese available).
Your first consultation meeting is free (up to 30min).

We are here to support your life in Japan to make it easy and comfortable!

Osamu Aoyama
Rie Aoyama